The love of literature

Key skills


Highly skilled individual with the goal of team achievement at the forefront. Creative and motivated Communications Specialist utilizes exceptional design, planning and public speaking to present companies in the best possible light to customers as well as the public.  Has excellent writing skills and extensive knowledge of writing, editing and business software. Proficiencies established in the entrepreneurial aspects of achievement that tailored and refined for business and corporate success. Proven leader with ability to train, motivate, and inspire a wide array of individuals from various backgrounds to achieve any goals and objectives presented. Gifted in the realm of relationships with sponsors, partners and contributors on an individual and corporate level for best results.





·         Versatile and High Impact Leadership Skills

·         Task Driven and Goal Oriented

·         Individual and Team Resource Resolution

·         Effective Relationship and Team Building

·         Creative and Inventive producer, writer and editor

·         Articulate in the latest industry software and hardware




Professional Experience                                                                                                                             

Sports Analyst – Amateur, High School, College and Professional Sports                         12/2005 to Present

Contract Writer, Editor and Broadcaster


Ensure active, consistent and meaningful communications on a day-today basis with administration and athletic organizations through radio, online and print communications, with guidance and support from policy and staff to ensure that our communities are informed, confident, and ready to support their organizations and athletes and promote special events. Works in collaboration with staff members and reports directly to the directors, coaches and sponsors. 


·         Developed and created clear, concise and grammatically correct copy

·         Created original concepts that resulted in effective and compelling communication.

·         Achieved different language styles that appeal to various target markets

·         Developed and maintained a clear and consistent brand voice

·         Accomplished all task required in job criteria and expanded to help associates.

·         Achieved knowledge of venues and league guidelines for premium broadcasting applications.

·         Achieved effective personal and business relationships for company resourcing.

·         Trained broadcaster, writers and editors in software and applicable job skills.



       2017         Bachelor of Arts in Communication

                        Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, New Hampshire


         1992        Assoc. of Arts in Fine Arts

                          Kim Dawson College



·       SMU IT Intensive Training – Information Technology

·       American Broadcasting School - Broadcasting Technology



·         Presidents List – SNHU 2016

·         National Honor Society - SNHU 2016

·         Student Advisory Board – SNHU 2017