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To embrace the gift of communications is to fall in love with the art of expression. With an extensive background in the entertainment and sports broadcast industry for over twenty years, literature has become the vehicle for Mr. Moten known simply as "The Voice."


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The Voice



“Bobby is a driven, talented and engaging professional. His determination for success is contagious. He never ceases to push himself and those around him further. I recommend Bobby and leadership to any individual or organization looking to pursue excellence in business and life.”
— Professor Ashley McAlpine, M.A. SNHU
Bobby has spoken at a number of events I have hosted and his presentation style was interactive, engaging, and thorough. He was friendly, focused, exceptionally knowledgeable and relaxed. He inspired and motivated members and their guests, and has an exceptional ability to provide engaging information to his audience. He skillfully addresses and audience of any size with revelant, insightful and clear presentation style. His unique insights helps him connect to audience members on a personal level.
— Trey Bates
Bobby’s positive attitude and excellent communication skills have made him a pleasure to work with in our school district. I believe Bobby Moten to be an excellent candidate.
— Rhonda Garner
I also know him as an individual and with his aforementioned unique qualities I know he will attack difficult tasks with much determination and I have never known him to meet strangers. Personally I believe he will be and asset in whatever endeavor he chooses in life. It always a pleasure see someone such as Bobby develop with such qualities.
— Toni Nichols



Having completed two books, three screenplays and my greeting cards company. I have completed my bachelors degree in communications and currently completing my master’s degree in entertainment business, the chosen vehicles of expression for my continual communicative education include literature, screenplay’s as I effectively venture to change lives as a motivational and inspirational speaker.


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With twenty years of professional experience based in the area of film, radio and television, I received my ministerial license in 1997 from Concord Missionary Baptist Church under the tutelage of my father in the ministry Dr. E. K. Bailey. Being an athlete, I decided to combine my skills as a voice over artist and my affinity for collegiate sports. I became a sports announcer 11 years ago with my first job being in the Dallas ISD. I have worked various professional and amateur venues and have  become known simply as “The Voice.” I have been a professional voice-over artist since graduating from Kim Dawson Conservatory in 1992 and was formally the radio voice of Dr. E. K. Bailey and his expository preaching ministry.